All persons who operate a taxicab or limousine on Delaware highways must have a valid license, endorsed to operate the taxicab or limousine. The driver must complete a defensive driving course within 30 days from an approved provider, complete a state and federal background check indicating no serious criminal offenses, not have had his/her license suspended or revoked for moving violations in the past three years, and pass the Class D knowledge exam. Please refer to Title 21, § 2763 for a complete list of requirements.

A taxicab and Limousine endorsement is non-transferrable.

If you wish to receive your background check locally, there are three locations to choose from. You may also visit the State Bureau of Identification's website for further details. State Bureau Of Identification

Blue Hen Corporate Center
655 South Bay Road, Suite 1B
Dover, DE 19901

Delaware State Police Troop
100 Lagrange Ave
Newark, DE 19702
(302)739-2528 - Appointment only

Thurman Adams State Service Center
546 S. Bedford Street, Room 202
Georgetown, DE 19947
302-739-2528 - Appointment only

Please visit Delaware Transit Corporation’s website for further information surrounding Public Carrier operations. State Bureau Of Identification