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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Services License Plates/Tags

Special License Plates

The Division offers a number of special license plates that can be ordered from any Division facility or by mail in the case of Environmental and Animal Welfare plates. Special plates are restricted to passenger vehicles or trucks with a 3/4-ton or less manufacturers gross vehicle weight rating. A number of plates have eligibility restrictions that must be complied with before the plate can be ordered. The following plates are available for all vehicle owners that meet the eligibility requirements.

Stop Child Abuse Plate

This special license plate has an initial fee of . There is a renewal fee of each year in addition to the vehicle registration renewal fee. Proceeds from the sale and renewal of this plate go to the Protecting Delaware's Children Fund. This plate can be purchased online or at any DMV location.

Animal Welfare License Plate

This special license plate has a one-time fee of . Funds from the sale of this plate are provided to organizations or veterinary clinics that provide low-cost dog and cat spaying and neutering and to non-profit organizations that provide shelter to unwanted stray dogs and cats. The Animal Welfare plates can be ordered by mail, an Animal Plate application must accompany the order.

Environmental Plates

These special license plates have a one-time fee of for the Environmental Plates (Duck and Lighthouse Plate) and for the MERR Plate (Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Rescue & Conservation Plate). Funds from the sale of these plates are provided to The Delaware Center for Inland Bays, The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Incorporated and The Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute, Incorporated. These organizations use the funds for various environmental projects. The Environmental plates can be ordered by mail, an Environmental application must accompany the order.

Agricultural Farmland Preservation License Plate

This special plate has a one-time fee of . Funds for the sale of this plate go to the Delaware Farmland Preservation Fund which is used by the Delaware Agricultural Lands Preservation Foundation. The Farmland Preservation plate can be ordered by mail, a Farmland Preservation Plate application must accompany the order.

Delaware Equine Council License Plate

Funds from the sale of the Delaware Equine Council License Plates will be used to promote and support all segments of the equine industry in Delaware, and to create a better understanding of what the equine industry means to the economy of the state. Support of 4-H equestrian activities, equine welfare issues, various breed and discipline activities, are just a few of the opportunities that will benefit from this program. Delaware Equine Council Plate application must accompany the order.

Keep Delaware Beautiful License Plate

Purchase the Keep Delaware Beautiful License Plate, and your dollars will immediately go to "Keep Delaware Beautiful Fund" to be used to support its mission to beautify the state and to help reduce litter. There is a one-time purchase price of $50 for this specialty plate.

Organizational Plates

The Division has a number of special license plates for members or former members of certain groups or organizations. Specific eligibility restrictions apply when applying for one of these plates. Division registration specialists can provide information on the requirements and can provide anyone qualified with an application. Please call one of your local DMV facilities for information on eligibility requirements for these plates: New Castle County 302.326.5000, Kent County 302.744.2500 or Sussex County 302.853.1000.

Other Organizational Plates

Non-profit organizations may apply for a special license plate for members of the organization. The law requires a minimum of 200 applications from a specific organization before the Division may approve the issuance of the plate. There is an exemption for university or high school alumni associations who only need 25 applications. Exemptions have also been written into the law for a number of other organizations, that have been authorized a plate with less than 200 applications. There is a one-time fee of for each organizational special license plate.

Organizations wishing to apply for a special license plate should appoint a member of the organization to work with the Division. Click here for additional specialty plate information or contact DMV at 302.744.2500 to speak to a registration specialist who can provide you with information on procedures to design and develop a special license plate.