Online Services
User Registration
The first step towards registering for online access is providing your credentials so we can verify your identity. The next step will be to choose a username and password you will use when logging into DMV Online Services.
Your Credentials

Enter the driver's license or state ID number issued to you by the State of Delaware and then select the appropriate ID type.

Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number if you have one.
Captcha Challenge

Type security code above:

Why are you being asked to enter this security code? It identifies the user as a human (rather than a spam-generating computer) and reduces the likelihood of this form being used for unintended purposes.

  • An audio option allows visually impaired customers to hear a set of 4 digits that can be entered instead of the image version. Type the numbers/digits without spaces and do not spell out the numbers.
  • When using the image version, type each character you see in the image from left to right without spaces
  • Use the refresh button to obtain a new security code.

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