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Division of Motor Vehicles

Drivers License/Identification Cards

Additional Information For Those Applying For A State Identification Card

Megan's Law/Sex Offenders: By signing the driver license or identification card application form, applicants acknowledge that the Division of Motor Vehicles has notified them that registration in compliance with Section 4120 of Title 11, Delaware law, is mandatory for any person who has been convicted in any state of any offense which if committed or attempted in this State, would have been punishable as one or more of the offenses referenced in Section 4120(a) of Title 11, and that such registration must occur within seven days of coming into any country, city or town in which he/she temporarily resides or is domiciled for that length of time. This form will be permanently retained. There is a $5.00 fee to add the “Y” restriction.

Mandatory disclosure of Social Security Numbers. Disclosure of the applicant's social security number is mandatory if eligible. Federal law authorizes such disclosure. See 42 U.S.C. Section 405(c) (2) (1). The Division will use social security numbers solely for the administration of the driver license program to ensure accurate identification. Social Security numbers will not be released to businesses or private individuals, but may be released to State agencies to carry out their governmental functions.

Selective Services System Registration: Male applicants are to understand that their signature on license or identification card applications constitutes consent to be registered with the Selective Service System, if so required.

Telephone Assistance: Georgetown 302-853-1000 or 1004; New Castle 302-326-5000 or 5005; Dover 302-744-2500 or 2506, Wilmington 302-434-3200 or 3204.