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Division of Motor Vehicles

Senior Driving

Your Health :: Medical Program

The Division of Motor Vehicles' Medical Program is committed to ensuring the safety of the motoring public throughout the state. The Medical Program determines if a person is safe to operate a motor vehicle based on both their physical and mental functional abilities. To do this, the DMV collects documentation from physicians, eye care providers, driver rehabilitation agencies, the Division's Medical Advisory Board (MAB), and Division testing.

Self-Evaluation: Every person applying for or renewing a Delaware license is required to answer the following Mandatory Declaration question:

  • Do you have any physical or mental conditions, or physical or mental disabilities that interfere with your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle?

If you answer "yes", you will be asked to explain your circumstance to determine if a license may be issued or if medical clearance is required.

All applicants are required to pass the Division's vision screening before a license is issued

  • A license with full privileges is issued if your vision is 20/40, with or without correction
  • A daylight only license is issued if your vision is 20/50, with or without correction

If required, you must pass a Motor Vehicle knowledge test before your license will be issued

  • Difficulty passing this test may indicate that you need to study Delaware traffic laws or that you face a cognitive decline such as dementia

Special Examination

When applicable, you will be required to demonstrate that you have the ability to safely control a vehicle during a driving skills test.

View the Law 

State law allows DMV to conduct a re-examination of your driving ability if the DMV receives a written request for the re-exam from law enforcement, family (see "Your Family" page), physicians or others acceptable to the DMV.

To maintain driving privileges, you are required to submit a medical form verifying you are safe to drive and successfully complete:

  • The vision test
  • The written test
  • The road skills test

Based on a physician's recommendation, you may be required to have an evaluation and/or training from a certified rehabilitation center and provide the DMV with a release from the center.