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Division of Motor Vehicles

Senior Driving

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Delaware has already taken steps to improve the driving environment for not just seniors, but all Delaware drivers. Some of these steps include:

  • Allowing all senior drivers 85 years and older to obtain a handicapped parking placard
  • Improving street signage with larger, overhead signs where possible, particularly at critical signalized intersections
  • Critical signs such as STOP, YIELD, and ONE-WAY are being significantly increased in size, as part of all DelDOT projects
  • Installing roundabouts, which statistics show reduce fatal accidents by 70-90%. There are currently 11 open to traffic on state-maintained roadways (outside of Subdivisions). Find out more about roundabouts.
  • Replaced 99 percent of red and green incandescent signal indications with LED modules
  • Countdown pedestrian signal heads have been installed at over 100 intersections statewide, and are being included in all new and retrofit signal designs. Part of this pedestrian signal upgrade effort also includes increasing the pedestrian clearance time to meet or exceed new American with Disabilities Act standards. Find out more about countdown signals.
  • Audible pedestrian signals are being installed by request, as funds allow.
    Find out more about audible pedestrian signals.
Safe and Mobile Delaware

The Safe and Mobile Delaware campaign is a joint effort to educate older drivers in Delaware about programs and policies that are making the roads safer in Delaware for older Americans and all drivers.